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Our story began in 1993 with the establishment of a small family business. Driven by passion for leather products and desire to provide high-quality, recognizable products to the market, we have grown into the leading manufacturer of leather bags and fashion accessories on the Croatian market, and even wider.

We are proud that customers have recognized and appreciated the quality of Galko products for more than 27 years.

Today, Galko is a respected Croatian brand with three stores in Zagreb, Mali Bukovec and Sisak, with a rich sales network that includes over 130 sales points of our business partners. The Galko brand is recognizable even in foreign markets on which we are increasingly present.

Under the slogan "Fashion as a constant challenge", year after year we continue to grow and inspire the fans of leather products.

Thanks to the dedication, professionalism and expertise of our team of employees, as well as the rich experience of the owner who runs the company business, our products are of the highest quality. This is also due to the production process, which includes the sophisticated manual work. Galko products are made out of specially selected genuine leather of proven quality. We have transferred all the passion and knowledge on to our products, which is why they are so desirable.

With a modern production process that involves highly appreciated manual work, we create authentic products of superior quality that last for years. That is our mission: To produce high quality and design products, offer superior customer service and exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners.

The first phase of our business cycle is the development of new collections. Galko's creative team continuously prepares new products. We follow trends, but it is important for us to maintain the authenticity of the products and our brand recognition.

Galko is a distinguished fashion company in which new collections of bags and accessories are created continuously, based on a unique combination of innovations and handcraftsmanship. Thanks to Galko’s creative team of designers, our products are made with feelings, through a play of precious leather, thread and adornment to get an exquisite finished product.

The products are made from genuine leather of the finest, certified quality. The complete production process - from planning, through development to production of finished products - is carried out at our own manufacturing facility in Croatia. Thanks to that, all our services are efficiently connected and all the preconditions for creating superior products are fulfilled.

Using the latest technologies combined with valued manual techniques and dedication of our employees and our values, Galko manufactures products of outstanding quality that last for years.

Galko’s designers regularly participate in international fairs on which their present Galko’s products, whose quality can compete with world renowned brands.