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Fiksni tečaj konverzije 1EUR = 7,53450 HRK

Terms of use

General terms of use

The access and the use of Galko’s website and services is subject to these Terms of use of the website and services (hereinafter: Terms of use), as well as all acts and regulations in force Of the Republic of Croatia. If you use this website, it is considered that you have read and understood these Terms of use and that you accept them entirely. If you do not agree to abide with these Terms of use, don’t use the website. Galko reserves the right to revise the Terms of use at any moment and to revoke the access to this website without prior warning. It is your obligation to read the Terms of use repeatedly from time to time to get acquainted with possible changes. If you use this website after changes have been made to the Terms of use, it will be assumed that you are acquainted with the changes, that you understand them and accept them entirely. We do not take any responsibility for any damages caused to users or third parties as a result of such changes.


All authentic content of the website (textual, visual and audio materials, data bases and programme code) is copyrighted. Unauthorized copying of any part of the website, without permission of the copyright owner, is considered a violation of the website copyright and it is liable to lawsuit.

The photographs of the products are for informative purposes and they do not always represent the equivalent of the products that are ordered. Galko Ltd. especially points out that the image of the product presented on the photograph does not necessarily have to correspond with the way the product looks in reality, especially considering the customer’s screen settings, the differences in perception of colours as the customers sees them on his screen etc.

In case of lack of correspondence between the product presented on the photograph and the delivered product as mentioned above, it is not considered that the product is defective.

The right to change the content and services

The website editors reserve the right to change and remove (temporarily or permanently) any content or service of the website without prior announcement.

Ordering at website

  • Orders are done electronically. By clicking the icon "ADD TO THE BASKET", the selected product is stored in the shopping basket available on the right top of the page. Check the content of the basket for the products you want to order. If you want to remove a product from the basket, click "x".

  • The next step is to choose the type of delivery.

  • Fill in the personal data and choose the type of payment. If you need a R-1 invoice, please indicate it in the corresponding place.

  • Terms of use can be found on the right. By clicking "Order" you confirm that you are acquainted with the Terms of use and that you agree with the obligation to pay for the product.

  • For bank transfers, all necessary data for payment are listed on the website.

  • For credit card payments, please fill in the credit card details and then click "PURCHASE".

  • To proceed it is necessary to click "FINISH PURCHASE" with all your selected articles. The goods are considered purchased when the customer has confirmed the order and executed payment.

  • You will receive a notice by Galko.com that your order has been received to the e-mail that you used to register.

  • We will deliver the products you have ordered in the shortest period possible. If you have any questions regarding your order you can contact us by e-mail or call us on +385 (42) 379 450.

  • If Galko is not able to deliver any of the products ordered, we will contact the customer by e-mail and inform him about it.

User liabilities

The users of this website are strictly prohibited to:

  • publish, send and exchange any content that violates the existing Croatian and/or international laws, as well as content that is offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist, chauvinist or harmful in any other way,

  • publish, send or exchange information for which the user is aware that it is false and which use might cause damage to other users,

  • use false presentation, i.e. presentation on behalf of other legal or physical person

  • manipulate with identifiers in order to disguise the source of content that is published or sent through the website services,

  • publish, send and exchange the content protected by copyright,

  • publish, send and exchange unwanted content to users without their consent or request, or by deception,

  • consciously publish, send and exchange content containing viruses or similar computer files or programmes created with the aim of destroying or limiting the functioning of any computer software and/or hardware and telecommunications equipment,

  • collect, store and publish personal data of other website visitors and users,

  • publish advertising messages – publishing advertising messages is considered equal as ordering sponsored articles according to the valid pricelist; it is considered that the person/company that has published it is ready to pay for it.

Terms of sale

These Terms, together with specific terms indicated as part of the information on products, represent the offer to conclude the contract. By placing an order or otherwise as provided for in these Terms, it is considered that the customer accepts the Terms and that the contract has been concluded between the customer and Galko Ltd. in accordance with these Terms of sale.

The Subject and the commercial purpose of the Contract is the purchase of selected product or service and the payment of the corresponding reimbursement - the price of the product or service. The Contract is concluded by means of distant communication (Contract concluded remotely), i.e. by use of the internet or telephone, with human mediation or without it.

In case of concluding the Contract remotely, the notification from Article 57 Paragraph 1 of the Act must be adapted to the means of distant communication that is used for this purposes and has to be communicated in simple and understandable language, and if it is provided on a hard medium it also has to be readable.

If the contract is concluded by means of distant communication with limited space or time to display the notification, the seller is obliged to inform the customer by means of distant communication at least about the Article 57 Paragraph 1 Items 1,2,5,8 and 15 and Paragraphs 4-6 of the Act.

If the seller contacts the customer by phone to conclude the contract, he is obliged to name at the beginning of communication his identity or the identity of the person on behalf of and for the account of whom he is calling, as well as the commercial purpose of the call, which does not exclude the seller from the obligation according to Paragraph 2 of this article.

Prices of products and services through our online shop service

The prices of products and services indicated on the website are in Croatian kunas (HRK) and they included the VAT. The prices do not include the costs of delivery. Prices, terms of payment and promotional offers are valid only at the moment of order and/or payment and can be changed without any prior warning.

The service of online shopping on our website is completed after the user has confirmed the purchase. The purchase contract is concluded at the moment when the customer accepts the Terms of business and when he confirms he has understood the obligation of payment.

The price of delivery, commission and additional costs are included in the final price of the product which the customer pays to the account. The customs costs are paid by the customer. More details about customs are available at http://www.carina.hr.