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Fiksni tečaj konverzije 1EUR = 7,53450 HRK



When filing a claim please attach the receipt as the evidence of purchase. 

A material defect exists if the object lacks the properties necessary for its regular use or turnover.

The seller will be liable for material defects the object has at the moment of the transfer of risk to the buyer, regardless of his awareness of their existence, as well as for any defects arising after the transfer of the risk to the buyer if they are the result of the cause that existed prior to it.

The seller is not responsible for the defects, if at the time of the conclusion of the contract the buyer was aware of them or could not have been unaware of them. It is deemed that the buyer could not have been unaware of defects which a diligent person, having the average knowledge and experience as a person of the same occupation and profession as the buyer, could easily have noticed during the usual examination of the object.

The Croatian Civil Obligations Act stipulates that the buyer has the right to set a claim for material defects of the product during the period of two years from the date of purchase. The existence of material defects – hidden faults can also be confirmed by expertise. In case of material defects, the buyer may choose to a) demand that the seller removes the defects, b) demand to receive another item without defects, c) demand a price reduction, or d) declare the termination of the contract. If the defect is insignificant, the buyer is not entitled to terminate the contract, however, he is entitled to other rights regarding material defects liability including the right to demand the defect removal. The cost of the defect removal or the delivery of object without the defect is covered by the seller.

The ordered products are packed in such a way to prevent their damage by usual manipulation during transport/delivery. The buyer is obliged to inspect the package of the goods at the moment of delivery. If the package has any visible damage/defects, we recommend that the buyer refuse to receive the package, since there is the possibility that the product inside such a package might be damaged. If the buyer refuses to receive the package, the delivery service will return the shipment to GALKO, with the note that the shipment is defective.

In case of claims for defects and hidden faults in products, please send the product to the claims department address: GALKO d.o.o., Braće Radića 43, 42231 Mali Bukovec, or contact us on the phone +385 (42) 379 440.

If you order the goods and refuse to accept it with no valid reason (the package is not damaged), Galko has the right to withhold the amount of cost of return from the paid purchase price.


The conditions of return (exchange) and claim

The buyer has the right to return, i.e. the exchange of product in the following cases:

  • if the delivered product was not ordered,
  • if the delivered product has a manufacturing defect,
  • if the product is damaged,
  • if the product does not satisfy your needs.